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ENS 253: Environmentally Friendly Buildings: Getting Started with Books

Books about "Green Building"

Try: keyword searches relevant to your topic. (green building) and roof*

Look at the subjects for a book that is of interest to you.  Follow the subject links to more resources on the topic.

Use Google Preview to search the book, check references, and get additional titles of interest.


Sustainable architecture

Sustainable Buildings Design and Construction

Dwellings Environmental Engineering



Search for an item in libraries near you:

Getting Started

from the Library home page:

PRIMO allows you to search across a large portion of the library's collections to explore topics, identify relevant databases, and evaluate the results, all within a single search experience. Includes books, journal articles, and more.


- scopes are searchable domains...the default scope is to search everything, books, articles and more. "everything" combines the library catalog (mostly books) and e-resources (mostly articles).

Worldcat is an external scope

Worldcat includes items from libraries all over the world (including our own). Use this scope to search and request books that aren't available here (you must be logged in).

The Journals tab lists what journals and newspapers the libarary has access to. If you have found a citation and want to see if you can get to the full-text, use this tab to search for the journal title.(not the article title)

Google Books

Use as a preview tool - search by keyword, browse references, table of contents. Use the Find in a Library link