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Getting Started with RefWorks: Create a Bibliography

Refworks is a personal information manager that allows users to create their own online database of citations that can be organized and used when writing a paper or article.

Creating a Bibliography

In RefWorks you can create a bibliography from a list of references, without creating a document. This reference list may contain your entire database, the references in your My List area or you can select a specific folder from which to create the bibliography.

In the Create section of the Bibliography area of RefWorks you can generate a reference list in your desired style, using all the references in a particular folder.  You can use this to preview your finished list of references, or simply generate a list to copy and paste into your document.

Note:  RefWorks will store the last 10 output styles you have used to generate a reference list or bibliography at the top of the output-style drop-down for easy access.

To create a bibliography from one or more references:
  1. While viewing a list of references, select the desired references (or select none to use all references) and select Create Bibliography > Create bibliography. The Bibliography from ... page appears.


    Bibliography From ... Page
  2. Optionally select a different citation style. By default, the bibliography appears in the last style you used in RefWorks.
  3. Select Copy to Clipboard and paste into your document.

Note:  When generating a Reference List from the Bibliography area, the final output is sorted based on the output style you have chosen.  If the output style is based on the order cited in a document, since there is no document, it defaults to alphabetical by first author.


Additional help with one or more inline citations (with or without a bibliography).