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SRS 200: Neanderthals: Home

Selected specialized reference and database material for Sophomore Research Seminar.

Background Material

Credo Reference - online library with publications on a variety of topics.


Search for an item in libraries near you:

Google Books

Use as a preview tool - search by keyword, browse references, table of contents. Use the Find in a Library link

Getting Started

from the Library home page:

  • Primo allows you to search across a large portion of the library's collections to explore topics, identify relevant databases, and evaluate the results, all within a single search experience. Includes books, journal articles, and more.
  • Databases tab will help you to start looking for journal articles. 
  • The Journals tab lists what journals and newspapers the library has access to. If you have found a citation and want to see if you can get to the full-text, use this tab to search for the journal title.(not the article title)


  • Quick Links get you to your Interlibrary loan account (Illiad).

Books in the Catalog

Try: keyword searches relevant to your topic. 

Look at the subjects for a book that is of interest to you.  Follow the subject links to more resources on the topic. Books are organized by subject on the shelves - you can browse for other titles nearby.

With Primoscopes are searchable domains...the default scope is to search everything, books, articles and more. "everything" combines the library catalog(mostly books) and e-resources (mostly articles).

Find Books Available Elsewhere