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Sophomore Research Seminar: African Migration: Borders and Identity: Home

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African Migration: Borders and Identity

Prof. Ndiaye -                        
SRS 200-10
Karp 101
T Th 9-10:45


This course examines the critical terms of migration, border, home and elsewhere through the lens of rural-urban, interurban, and international movements of Africans. Africans of all ages, both sexes, all religions, all social classes, economic and political affiliations migrate from home to elsewhere (within Africa, to Europe and North America) in search for a better life. In the course of these migrations, stories alternate between success and failure and often involve trauma, violence, and identity crisis. Our study of African migration will be under-girded by an in-depth examination of resources involving works of fiction, critical essays, and audiovisual materials pertaining to the topic of migration, borders, and identity.

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