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Selecting A Topic

Union College was established in 1795 and essentially grew up with the United States.  It has survived economic expansions and depressions, internal and external political conflicts, and social revolutions.  This means that there is a lot of Union history to choose a research topic from, which could make this process overwhelming.  One good way to browse for topics is in the Encyclopedia of Union History which will give you background information on prominent figures related to Union, clubs on campus, fraternities and sororities, history of buildings, the changing geography of the campus, problems on campus such as automobiles and dogs, and Union publications, among other topics.

A print copy of the Encyclopedia of Union History is available at the reference desk, in special collections, and in the stacks. Here is a link to the online version of the Encyclopedia

You can also find topics of interest by looking at the vertical file listing.



This LibGuide is an updated reproduction of the work that Ellen Fladger and Sarah Henry completed in 2001.