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Archives & Special Collections: Hockey Crisis of 1977


In 1977, the Union College hockey team and its coach, Ned Harkness, quit during the middle of the season and left Union. The reason they claimed was because of harsh treatment from Union's administration and students.  Union's 1977 hockey team was considered one of the best Division 3 hockey teams in the nation at that time. Coach Harkness came to Union after serving as coach for the Red Wings at RPI. He was recruited along with Tom Cahill, a nationally known football coach, by newly elected Union president, Thomas Bonner.

Bonner's presidency ushered in important changes, including the creation of a six-year medical program. However, Bonner's presidency was rocked by the hockey scandal. To increase the success of Union's sports program, Bonner apparently told his coaches to win at any cost. Coach Harkness took Bonner at his word and recruited new players against the rules of NESCAC. Because the new players did not meet the rigorous academic standards set by the College, Coach Harkness eventually resigned after four of his starting players were placed on academic probation and barred from playing on the team. After Coach Harkness departed, the entire hockey team followed several days later. This major event played out publicly and led to the resignation of President Bonner after he lost the support of the trustees and faculty. 

Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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