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NY6 Upstate Global/Local Collective: Home

This guide contains information about archives, academic and regional collections related to the NY6 Global/Local themes on human rights and sustainability. The project is funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

About the NY6 Upstate Global/Local Collective

NY6 Upstate-Global Collective: Introduction 
Val Lehr (St. Lawrence) & Therese McCarty (Union) June 3, 2014 

Background: The New York Six recently received a grant of $1.5 million from the Mellon Foundation. A central part (approximately $600,000) of the new grant will allow the New York Six Colleges (Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University, and Union College) to collaborate to allow faculty and students to develop educational experiences that connect issues of importance to the Upstate New York region to global study. In the initial year, the grant will focus on environmental issues and human rights issues. 

Basic idea: Create scholarly communities supporting teaching and scholarship around academic themes that have rich historical roots in upstate New York and that also are of current consequence worldwide. 

Initial areas of focus: Human rights and sustainability (including environmentalism and ecology) 

Goals: Publicize and make use of the scholarly resources of our region. Help students understand both regional and global perspectives related to issues. Support undergraduate research. Support faculty members in incorporating both regional and global content into relevant courses. 

About this guide

In the summer of 2014, a select group of  librarians from the New York Six (NY6) institutions were asked to identify "relevant archives, collections, natural resources, and other regional resources related to human rights and sustainability at our institutions and in our region (sources can include the NY6 colleges, the 'Humanities Corridor' universities, and sources outside of colleges and universities.) Creating a comprehensive list of resources in the region is beyond the scope of this project. The aim is to identify readily-usable resources that are related in a broad sense to the subject areas of the grant."

The result of this effort is the NY6 Upstate Global/Local Libguide. By no means exhaustive, this guide contains information about and links to collections that will support the teaching and research activities of the Upstate Global/Local Collective (UGLC) project. This Libguide is an organic document; as the projects evolve, so will this guide. New content will be added regularly as participants begin to collaborate and develop ideas for further exploration.

It is our hope that the UGLC participants will communicate with one (or more) of the librarians involved with this project so that new resources can be included in the Libguide.


Libguide contributors:

Wendy Anthony, Skidmore College
Christian Goodwillie, Hamilton College
Sarah Keen, Colgate University
Katelyn Lamontagne, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Mark McMurray, St. Lawrence University
Robyn Reed, Union College
Loraine M. Wies, Union College

765 kV Line Protest

North Country Defense Committee, 765kv Line Protest Collection.
Image courtesy of Special Collections, Owen D. Young Library, St. Lawrence University.