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Sophomore Research Library: Identity and Security in a Technological World: Session Notes

Schaffer Library Web Page

Schedule for Individual Meetings

Thursday 9/27

1:30 Jill Ackerman (BH)

Friday 9/28

10:30 Lindsay Cohen (BH)

12:00 Dillon Pieri (CS)

1:30 Dani Liu (BH)

1:30 Mark Bennett (CS)

3:30 Doug Lens (CS)

3:30 Anna Kufs (BH)

4:00 Samual Walsh (BH)

Monday 10/1

11:00 Alex Goldsmith (CS)

1:30 Ashwin Basu (BH)

2:30 Kailee Cummings (BH)

3:00 Rebecca Shait (BH)

3:30 Ridge Smith (CS)

4:00 Peter Briele (BH)

4:30 Ryan Granger (CS)

BH - Meeting with Beth Hoppe.  Ask at Circulation or Reference Desk

CS - Meeting with Courtney Seymour Meet in her office on the second floor, near the instruction room

Session 1 Prezi

Session 2 Prezi

Subject Guide