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Union Votes! Civic Engagement Initiative: Federal Depository Library Program - Session on Voting & Race

A guide for resources and information about voting and the 2020 Election.

Thinking about Race, Voting Rights, and the Past: People, Moments, Documents

“Research is like archaeology” – Prof. Fuentes-Rohwer has done research in many libraries and archives (the Library of Congress, presidential libraries, the Dirksen Congressional Center, and academic libraries) for the book that he is completing on race and voting in the United States. Central to the story of the book are the Voting Rights Act and the Freedom Movement. Prof. Fuentes Rohwer will talk about his research, sharing stories about historical figures in the Freedom Movement and his research uncovering Government documents that are central to his work.

Ms. Morgan will provide information on historical and archival resources used for researching U.S. Congressional documents, judicial case records, and archival collections. Link to the session: