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CLS-202: Archaeological Methods : Home

A quick guide on how to find and use primary sources at Schaffer Library, Special Collections and Archives for the CLS 202 documentary archaeology project.


We are all familiar with Union’s campus in 2021 but how has the physical environment changed over time?  How can we use documents and archival materials to reconstruct the built environment?  Select a building, landscape, or other physical feature on the Union campus, and through archival research trace its development over time.  The report should include both a brief overview of the historical background and physical characteristics of the feature, and a discussion tracing the changes to the feature or its surroundings since its original construction.  Reports should include at least THREE clearly labeled archival photographs, plans, or maps. Students are required to use materials from the Special Collections and Archives Department.


Nott Memorial. Image from the Picture File, SCA-1026

This Guide...

This guide was written by Matthew Golebiewski in March 2021. Questions? Email me at