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Summer IDEaS Research


The Encyclopedia of Union History 

The Encyclopedia of Union History will give you background information on prominent figures related to Union, clubs on campus, fraternities and sororities, history of buildings, the changing geography of the campus, problems on campus such as automobiles and dogs, and Union publications, among other topics.

A print copies of the Encyclopedia of Union History are available in the library and an electronic copy is available through NY Heritage Digital Collections.

The Encyclopedia of American Studies covers the history, philosophy, arts, and cultures of the United States in relation to the world, from pre-colonial days to the present, from various perspectives and the global American Studies movement.


This collection of 1,325 women and 150,000 pages of diaries and letters may be helpful for comparative projects--if you want to compare Pearson's diary to a woman's / women's, or if you want to contextualize Pearson's diary critically by incorporating women's perspectives. 

The ANB provides scholarly encyclopedia-length biographies of Americans. It therefore should be useful for providing explanatory annotations of obscure persons referenced in the diaries.