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Summer IDEaS Research

Digital Collections

The collections in New York Heritage represent a broad range of historical, scholarly, and cultural materials held in libraries, museums, and archives throughout the state. Collection items include photographs, letters, diaries, directories, maps, books, and more.

Schenectady County Historical Society has its own library collection. They have digitized some of this collection and made it available through the New York Heritage Collection. The collection includes photographs, postcards, the Pearson Street BooksDocuments About Enslaved People in Schenectady, info on the Underground Railroad and Anti-Slavery Movement in Schenectady, and many other documents.

HathiTrust is a digital library of 17+ million digitized texts mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, so it is a great resource for historical primary sources. It includes 19th C writing by Pearson and about Union College, Schenectady, etc.

The digital archive holds a lot of primary sources related to Union College.  The fastest way to find materials is to look for a specific title or author.  If you want to search for anything related to Union College use the advanced search and, under the creator, type in: Union College (Schenectady, N.Y.). You can also do a basic search for: Union College Schenectady.  Be careful to make sure the Union College you find is the one located in Schenectady.  There is also a Union College in Kentucky that has a lot of items in the archive.

Digital collection for local historical and genealogical research. Search the New York collection for relevant info.