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U.S. Civil War Experiences: Primary Sources

Course Guide for SRS 200-02: "A People's Contest": U.S. Civil War Experiences

Key Primary Source Databases

Selected Schaffer-Owned Primary Source Databases

Selected Schaffer-Owned Historical Newspaper Databases

Open Access Primary Source Databases

Primo: Genres / Subjects

Searching Primo for primary and / or secondary sources can be difficult because search results invariably return both; unfortunately, there is no button or easy way to search for only primary or secondary sources. 

To remedy this, try using in your searches the following non-exhaustive list of genres / subjects, as either search terms (keywords or subjects) or facets ("Type of Resource" or "Subject"):

  • Sources.

  • Personal narratives.

  • Diaries

  • Correspondence. 

    • also try Letters

  • Newspapers.

  • Memoir 

    • also try Memoirs

  • Pictorial works.

  • Caricatures and cartoons.

  • Humor.

  • Songs and music.

  • Maps

  • Biography.

    • also try Autobiography.

  • Poetry.

  • Fiction.

  • Sermons.

  • Regimental histories

  • And any others that you think of!