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Rethinking Iran: Countries/Cultures

Specialized Sources in Reference

CREDO Reference

Covers many broad topics by providing general background information. It includes a mindmap feature that could help you narrow down your topic or make you aware of names of people, events, or time frames to use in your searches. 

Countries and Their Cultures

Serves as a guide to cultural beliefs and practices. Illustrated with bibliographies

Detailed Country Studies & Background Information

Country Studies:

Each study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country or region's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy.

World Factbook - Iran

Iran: A Country Study from the Library of Congress

BBC News: Iran Country Profile--Includes a timeline of country history


Encyclopaedia Iranica - The scope of the encyclopedia goes beyond Iran and encompasses other geographical areas where Iranian languages dominated in certain times. 

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World - Coverage includes key political and religious figures; geographic areas; and broader issues such as gender, globalization, reform, and terrorism with an emphasis on topics that are "perennially pertinent" to the Islamic worlds.  

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa - Complete coverage of the region in topics like history, politics, geography, anthropology, social sciences, literature, art, and religion.

Iran Today: an encyclopedia of life in the Islamic Republic - Explores aspects of daily life in Iran since the 1978-79 revolution that overthrew the US-installed dictator. Among specific topics are armed and security forces, Ruhollah Khomeini, the petroleum industry, relations with the Arab world, Islamic socialism, tribes, and the status of women.