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Federal Government Information: General Information

Material available through the three branches of government.

General Informatoin

A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
Available in English and Spanish. Found on the search

Government Forms
This portal site provides “one-stop shopping” for forms commonly needed for federal government services. Locate forms by agency or by quick links to frequently used forms. Links lead to the page at the agency Web site where the forms are available. (a program of the United States Department of Commerce)
In 1992, FedWorld was established by The National Technical Information Service (NTIS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, to serve as the online locator service for a comprehensive inventory of information disseminated by the Federal Government. This service assisted agencies and the public in electronically locating Federal Government information, both information housed within the NTIS repository and outside of NTIS.

How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web
This "hands-on" workshop is designed to demonstrate how to maximize retrieval of federal government information on the Web.  [Is probably quite a bit dated but may still have some useful information. Consult the documents librarian if you have questions.]
The Center for Responsive Politics is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government.    

How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web - See more on the Schaffer Library website.

DigitalGov This site is a platform to help those in agencies working on providing digital services and information for the public. We’ll scour the innerwebs for digital info so you don’t have to. Expect posts on what government is doing in digital, general digital news, trends and issues on implementing digital for the public.
This platform is brought to you by the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies in the U.S. General Services Administration. Our job here is to help agencies build a 21st century digital government. Digital Projects Registry The Digital Registry is a directory listing of U.S. Government publication digitization efforts. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive listing of all these digitization efforts.
Before the Internet, U.S. Government publications were distributed in tangible format to Federal depository libraries and were made available for purchase from U.S. Government Bookstores across the United States and its territories and commonwealths.

Today, as U.S. Government agencies make information available on their Web sites, there has been an effort to digitize the tangibly distributed U.S. Government publications so that all these publications are accessible online. Libraries, government agencies, or other non-profit institutions contribute their time and resources to obtain official tangible copies of these publications, digitize them, and make them publicly available online.  Website will sunset on 12/31/2018 and be preserved in the FDLP web archive.

Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library
The collections contained within the Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library are largely composed of digital versions of paper documents from the Combined Arms Research Library collections and student papers produced at the US Army Command and General Staff College. They have recently partnered with several Army educational and historical organizations whose collections appear here also.

Internet Archive Government Documents

Pamphlet and Poster Collections

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Search U.S. government technical reports issued primarily prior to 1976 and digitized by TRAIL.

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