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Financial Analysis (Economics 334): Operational Data

This webpage aims to lead students of Economics 334 (and others) to sources of financial information on the firm, as well as to background information on corporate operating environments.


Here only a sampling can be attempted.  The public sector is a rich source of background economic data for analysis purposes, although (with the exception of SEC's EDGAR, above) one would not find firm-specific information here.  Try, for example: Bureau of Economic Analysis- includes regional, national, and international data, as well as an overview of the U.S. economy

Bureau of Labor Statistics -(U.S.)- includes a great variety of time series viewable on screen, especially (un)employment and prices, some local.

Bureau of the Census - (U.S.)- data on the site is extensive and open to the creative imagination to apply it to the firm--such marketing and competition-related issues as projections of demographics, including household composition, nationally and by state can be addressed with census data.

County Business Patterns - (U.S.) -under the auspices of the Bureau of the Census, this data site contributes substantially to uncovering local-level microeconomic patterns.

-(U.S.) - represents the Federal Electronic Research Review, Extraction, and Tabulation Tool, whereby the user can compile and tailor datasets drawn from the Census Bureau's and the Bureau of Labor Statistics' databases.

Department of Commerce
-(U.S.) -the umbrella organization to some of the above and as such an entree to many others one could try for background operating-conditions data.

Economic Indicators
- annual monthly coverage of indicators for the U.S. economy since 1998.

Economic Indicators, 2 -(U.S.)
- The Census Bureau releases further macroeconomic data under the above rubric "Economic Indicators".

- leads to data published by more than 100 separate federal agencies.

Federal Reserve Board
- links to "the Fed"'s site, with full text research and discussion papers; minutes, testimony, and speeches of "Fed" officials; statistics

Government Accountability Office
- offers the current (even daily) investigative reports of this "arm" of the Congress, in full text and in abstracts

Regional Economic Accounts
Gross domestic product, and personal income and employment

Reference Sources

The print sources, cited below from the Schaffer Library Reference Collection, offer a rich array of quantitative information concerning the U.S. and international economies in which corporations must operate, as well as political and social climates present and past.

The American Marketplace : Demographics and Spending Patterns. On-going.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HA214 .A60 


Business Statistics of the United States  On-going. Continues the former government-published series, in providing solid time series of macroeconomic data on the U.S. economy and its sectors.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HC101 .A13122


Proquest Congressional - A significant online source of publications, including bills, reports, documents, hearings, and the Congressional Record, all of which may bear upon the regulatory climate in which firms operate.

Country Forecasts. Current issue. - Useful for gauging political and economic stability in economies beyond the U.S.

County and City Data Book. On-going.  Provides a local economic picture; time series can be constructed using earlier editions back to 1949; shelved adjacent is the County and City Extra, a commercial publisher's updating supplement.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HA 202 .A36


Economic Report of the President  - A principal source of year-by-year macroeconomic indicators for the U.S
CALL NUMBER:PR 44.9:2010 (at Ref. Desk; earlier editions in Government Documents Collection, though number varies by presidency)

European Marketing Data and Statistics. On-going. Marketing-relevant data for western and eastern Europe.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HA1107 .E87


Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics. On-going.  Continues the former government-published series, in providing solid time series of labor-economics data covering the U.S. economy and its sectors.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HD 8051 .A630


Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook: Market Results for Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation. On-going. Time series of macroeconomic measures, market and equity returns.
CALL NUMBER: qHG4915 .S60 - latest year at Reference Desk


Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios. On-going.  Ratio values for the upper, middle, and lower quartiles of four-digit SIC codes
CALL NUMBER: Ref HF 5681 .R25 I5250 (latest edition at Reference Desk)


International Marketing Data and Statistics. On-going.  Marketing-relevant data for the U.S., and other countries excluding Europe, for which there is a separate volume (see above).


International Trade Statistics Yearbook.On-going.  Import and export data by commodity and trading partner.
CALL NUMBER: Ref JX 1977 .A2


Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys  - Offers industry sector overview and projection, in the preface. IMPORTANT FINDING HELP: The chapters appear to be in random order, but they actually follow the order of the second - i.e., chronological publication sequence - table of contents.
CALL NUMBER: (Ref) HC 106.6 .S74   (earlier issues at qHC 106.6 .S74)


Statistical Abstract of the United States  - Single-most inclusive--and used--data source on the U.S. economy, with enormous time-series potential given the run of editions from the current back to 1928.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HA 202 .S680 (latest edition at Reference Desk) Online Historical Data


Statistical Insight - a significant online source of statistical data appearing in U.S. government and other publications. It cites data and in many cases provides it full-text. For the rest it is backed up by microfiche, as follows:

The microfiche collections filed as ASI, IIS, and SRI are on the Library's main floor. Equipment to read, copy, and scan microfiche is provided nearby, and assistance with both finding the microfiche and using the equipment is available at the Reference Desk. Besides access through "Statistical Insight", print indexes to the ASI, etc., microfiche data are also found in the Reference Collection as follows:

  • American Statistics Index (Ref Bibliog Z 7554 .U5 A46
  • Index to International Statistics (Ref Bibliog Z 7552 .I53)
  • Statistical Reference Index (Ref Bibliog Z 7554 .U5 S79)

Statistical Yearbooks - Statistical yearbooks of the following countries and areas are found in Reference; many are represented by both current and previous years' editions to consult:

Britain: Ref HA1122 .A330 
France: Ref HA1213 .A4 
Germany: Ref HA1232 .A45 
Latin America: Ref HA935 .S790 
Israel: Ref HA1931 .A35 
Russia and Eurasia: Ref HA1446 .U17 
China: Ref DS779.15 .C48

 - A commercially published version of a former public document, valuable for its forecasting activity in major sectors of the U.S. economy.
CALL NUMBER: Ref HC101 .U56 (latest year at Reference Desk)