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Summon Guide

A mashup including description of the Summon service, selected documentation, best practices and what-not. of best practices, how-to, selected documentation

Problem examples


Lindsay searched 'fair use in the classroom' in Summon

 Results 1, 2, 4 are of special interest.  1 & 2 are nearly duplicate records, neither link successfully, though the DOI in the first record goes directly to the full text at Sage Publications. Both link to EBSCO and therefore use OpenURL to link opposed to IEDL.

Browsing the journal title within ASP reveals that the year 2015 is missing. However a different search within Academic Search Premier limiting on the the journal title and author Drummond does find a full text version.

Possible explanation

Apparent problem: EBSCO metadata error.  In ASP 2015 is missing, but it's not.

Another issue: The article is also in EBSCO's Professional Development Collection but I'm not aware of that until I go and browse our journals A-Z list. The sidebar doesn't list this under Other Sources.  Where does the translation break down?    There seems to be an EBSCO metadata error.   Is there anything we can do to make the other source available?

Result #4

The DOI leads us to full text at Wiley but according to the coverage file we only have access to 1997 onwards in Wiley-Blackwell and this is 1993 . The title link seems to use IEDL and goes to Proquest Central(?) but there is no full text. It offers a 360 link icon which does an OpenURL and takes you to the full text in Business Source Premier. The article is in the American Business Law Journal and the Journal A-Z list has many opportunities to get full text. Why did the IEDL fail? Is it due to the overlap in the coverage file? We get sent to Proquest Central. Is the full text in ABI or other PQ source?

Broken Links

When one encounters a broken link in Summon it is helpful to identify the cause of the problem.  Knowing the cause might result in a different course of action.  A broken link can result from:

  • A bug in Summon
  • A bug in the content provider, i.e., EBSCO, JAMA, SocIndex, etc.
  • A problem with 360 Link
  • Inaccurate coverage file data
  • Incomplete metadata for the record resulting in a non-functioning OpenURL

Incorrect Labelling