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What's New?


I got billed for a library book:

I don't have the book  - OR - I still have the book 

  • Call Circulation at 518.388.6280 or bring the book(s) to the Circulation Desk and speak with a Staff Person

I can't find the book(s) I checked out. 

  • Call Circulation at 518.388.6280

Why can't I keep something
longer than the due date?

  • You probably can.  Try to renew on-line or call Circulation at 518.388.6280

Why are you charging me?

Where is that book?

This Library doesn't have what I need. 
What do I do?

  • Request books or articles through InterLibrary Loan (ILLIAD)
  • Speak with a Reference Librarian at 518.388.6281

Can I borrow if I'm not affiliated with Union?

  • Yes.  You can borrow through the DAP program.  Click here for details.

At Circulation you can:


*  Register to borrow items from Schaffer Library, Union College

*  Access Course Reserve material

*  Ask library staff to help find a book

Check Out:  Headphones • Phone Chargers • MAC chargers • White board markers/erasers • External Disc Drive  -- Rulers, Calculators, Cameras, Bike Helmets, Bike Locks

offsite material info

Some of Schaffer Library's material is stored offsite. If the library catalog lists an item as being Available at Schaffer Library Hattie St. (offsite - requestable).

*  Follow instructions and click on "for request options >> Sign in"  Click here to see how to log on.

*  Once you have logged in to the Schaffer Library web site your name should appear in the upper right hand of the web page.

*  Click on your name to review your Requests or Loans; Look at your Search History, Favorites, or Library Card or change your password.

*  Under "Get It" click on "Request: - request for pick up at Circulation Desk".  You may fill in a date under "Not needed after ____ " or add a comment to the request.  Click on "Send Request".

*  You will receive confirmation that your request has been submitted.

*  When the item is available for you to borrow you will receive an email that the items is on the Hold Shelf at the Circulation Desk.

*  As always, please remember to logout by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and choosing "SIGN OUT".

Lost & Found

Did you lose something at the library? 

Please check at the Circulation Desk for lost & found items.