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Films at Union



Why are there changes to Kanopy's services?

Changes to Kanopy's services help us to meet the rising demand of streaming film and improve support for our curriculum while better managing costs. We have worked with Kanopy to ensure that most videos need no requesting for you to use in your courses. There are a few that fall outside these core collections and will need to be requested. Kanopy access used to be "all or nothing:" we could open all titles in Kanopy for streaming (very high costs) or have each title upon request (very high inconvenience). Our new model is "mostly all:" it lets us provide our most popular titles and collections directly to you, with some requests needed.

The film I need in Kanopy film says I need to ask for it to be purchased. What does that mean?

Union has switched to mediated access for films that fall outside our core collections. We already include films from PBS, the Criterion Collection, documentaries, and currently licensed titles. However, there may be a title that you need that has fallen outside this list. Use the "request" button to ask us to purchase the title, and we will do so as quickly as possible. 

I used to access a film via Kanopy and now the film isn't there. What do I do?

Your film is likely available via another service. If a film used to be in Kanopy, try checking Primo to see if we have access to the film from another vendor like Academic Videos Online or Docuseek, or if it is already in our film collection. And don't forget to log into Primo to see more features and request services!

What streaming media services are available?

Our three biggest services are:

Most of these titles are available in Primo, alongside other titles that we have in our collection. Don't forget to use Primo to find out if we have a title already available!

What should I do if I have questions or ideas about streaming media services?

  • Purchasing films. If you would like us to purchase a title, use our Suggest a Purchase form. We'll purchase the title and follow up with additional questions about access and availability.
  • Embedding links in Nexus. Use our "Using Films in Classes" page for details.
  • Questions and ideas. Use our "Contact Us" page for details.