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Energy and the Environment

Journal Articles and Scholarly Communication

Journal articles are a major way in which scholars engage in scholarly communication. The discussion has started before today, and will continue well past this course! 

Connect to the following article and examine its sections:

Abdullah, Mahmood M S; Atta, Ayman M; Al-Lohedan, Hamad A; Alkhathlan, Hamad Z; Khan, Merajuddin; et al.. "Synthesis of Green Recyclable Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanomaterials Coated by Hydrophobic Plant Extracts for Efficient Collection of Oil Spills." Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland) Vol. 9, Iss. 10,  (October 22, 2019). DOI:10.3390/nano9101505

  • How do I know it is an article, and not a review? (Look carefully at the "landing page" that describes the resource.)
  • Have other authors cited this work? Can you make a claim about what "impact" this article had?

Click "Get Full Text" to read the article.

Do you see...

  • an abstract and keywords?
  • an introduction?
  • items that could theoretically help you to recreate an experiment like the one that the authors did?
    • methods
    • results
    • charts / graphs
  • references?

Each of these sections helps to better understand the authors' argument, the research that they did, and the sources that they used.