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Hyperlinked Stories with Twine

This guide introduces Twine as a lightweight and open-source tool to craft your own hyperlinked stories and games.

Choosing the Right Twine for You

You can use Twine online or download it for free to Windows, MacOS, or Linux. In either case, you do not need to make an account and your work is saved locally on your computer. This means that your work is not stored externally on a server or accessible by third-parties. You control your work and when / how you share it! This guide uses the default settings for Twine 2.3.9.

See below to read how to access Twine online or by downloading the application.

Use Twine Online

To use Twine Online, go to Select "Use it Online" on the home page to get started!

How this affects saving your work: Your work is saved automatically in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) you're using. Keep in mind that if you clear your browser cookies and data, you will delete your work! You can back up your work using the Archive feature (See Saving & Sharing Your Work).


Download Twine

To download Twine, go to Select "Download" for Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to complete the installation process. When the installation is complete, launch the Twine application.

How this affects saving your work: Your work is saved in a newly created Twine folder in your local Documents folder.