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Hyperlinked Stories with Twine

This guide introduces Twine as a lightweight and open-source tool to craft your own hyperlinked stories and games.

Hyperlinked Texts

Hyperlinks leverage the properties of digital media to create interactive and born-digital text-based works. Stories, essays, games, and even presentations can be transformed by this added audience participation and agency. Among the most recognizable models for hyperlinked stories includes 'choose-your-own-adventure' stories, through which readers can make choices and thereby affect how the story plays out.

Why Twine?

Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.  -Twine

Twine is a free and open-source tool for creating hyperlinked stories. No downloads or accounts are needed to either create or view published Twine texts. Twine games generate HTML files, making them light-weight digital outputs that are easy to create, share, host, and access both on- and offline. These features make Twine ideal for a variety of users with limited resources and support, and it has generated a robust community around it over the years.

In its simplest form, Twine uses a graphical, browser-based interface and requires little to no coding experience. Yet, with a bit of media and coding experience, you can embed various media and fully customize your experience! This guide walks you through the basics of getting started with Twine and directs you to additional resources for advanced projects.