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Dance: A Guide to Research and Resources


The Journals Search lists what journals and newspapers the library has access to. If you have found an article citation and want to see if you can get to the full-text, use this type of search to look for the journal title.

Here are a couple of tips: 

  • If you don't know what journal titles to search for, look at the journal titles that came up in your Primo search. In the case below, I might want to search in the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science for other articles on the same topic.
  • You can also mine the class readings for other journal titles. 

An example of an article record in Primo with the journal title highlighted.

Recommended Journals

Below are some journals that appeared frequently in Primo searches. They are a place to start searching, but are by no means the only journals you should search in. You can also browse a more complete list of dance related journals

American Journal of Dance Therapy 

Dance Education in Practice

Journal of Dance Education 

Journal of Dance Medicine & Science 

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance