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Adulting at Union

Finding a Place to Live

Finding an apartment for the first time can be overwhelming. Scam listings are on the rise, as are rents. Below is a list of some tips and tricks for embarking on your first search. 

Searching for Apartments and Contacting Landlords

Places to Search: 

Apartment searches can be area specific. Below are a few websites where you might begin. Sometimes asking a local subreddit where listings are typically posted can help. 

  • Zillow: The site is popular for home purchasing but also has a rental section. Define the area where you are searching and click 'Rent' on the top left
  • This website tends to be more geared towards large apartment buildings rather than small individual landlords
  • NY Housing Search: This site helps you find income-based housing in NYstate 
  • Apartment Guide: This site has full color pictures and 3d tours to help you rent if you can't visit first
  • Craigslist: This region-specific set of sites can be a source for everything from rentals to roommates to furniture
  • Facebook Marketplace: From the main marketplace site click on property rentals

Information on the search: