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National Socialism, the Holocaust, and World War II: Sources Within this Library

Searching for Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources at Schaffer Library

Books as Primary Sources:

Finding more such primary sources using the Schaffer Library catalog:

Try the keyword search method.  Here's an example:


  1. Use the asterisk (*) as a wild-card symbol, executing the search on all forms of the word, singular or plural, etc.
  2. Use "or" to include synonyms or alternatives.
  3. Other examples of primary sources might be documents, speeches, correspondence, primary sources, advertisements, photographs... Be creative!

Periodicals and Newspapers (digital and searchable):

New York Times: Historical Newspapers--full-text, page-by-page facsimile of the Times from 1851 onward to nearly the present.

Times Digital Archive --"Widely regarded as the world's "newspaper of record", as the oldest daily newspaper in continuous publication.

Books as Secondary Sources:


  1. Start with a simple, common sense approach.
  2. If you find anything fairly relevant, click on it, so you see the full listing.
  3. Look at its subject headings. 
  4. In this case, one of them leads you to France -- History -- German occupation, 1940-1945 and 163 books, articles, and more!