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Digital Records Beyond Union

Just because something is online does not mean it will remain there forever. Online materials you accessed with your Union account will not be accessible after graduation – It’s time to start planning.

What is Digital Preservation?

Digital preservation is taking proactive actions with your digital records to ensure access to digital content over time.

Where do I start?

Identify where you have digital files

  • Look through your Google Drive, are there any resumes, papers, spreadsheets, presentations, code, images, videos
     or other digital documents?

Decide which files are important

  • Pick the documents you feel are especially important.
  • Are the final versions of documents important or do you want to keep drafts and revisions, too?

Organize the important files, make sure they are named something descriptive

  • Make sure you can find them later.
  • Give documents descriptive file names.
  • Create a directory/folder structure on your storage media to organize the documents.
  • Write a brief description (README) of the directory and the documents inside.

Make copies and store them in different places

  • The 3-2-1 rule
    • Make three copies
    • Have at least two of the copies on two different types of storage media
    • Keep one copy in a different location from where you live