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Digital Records Beyond Union

Just because something is online does not mean it will remain there forever. Online materials you accessed with your Union account will not be accessible after graduation – It’s time to start planning.

Email & Files: Google Suite

What is Google Suite?

Google Suite (GSuite) is the set of tools that Google provides to everyone with a Google account. 

GSuite includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drive storage
Your email address gives you access to these tools. When you no longer have access to your address, you will no longer have access to files saved via these tools. 

How do I keep my emails and files?

Learn more about how to keep Google emails and files at 

What if I want to keep files that were shared with me?

In Google Suite, you must copy files that are share with you if you want to save them -- they will not automatically copy. 

What can I do right now?

First, visit to learn more about the tools Google provides to help you migrate from your UC account.

Second, get yourself organized! It's a great time to review your files and determine what you need to keep. Start by reviewing your folders in Google Drive and renaming them in a meaningful way so you can make decisions about what you want to keep. Not sure what might be meaningful? Ask a friend that doesn't share your major or classes to review your organization scheme. If they understand it, you likely have a good organization scheme. Do the same thing with any email you want to keep.

Once you have reviewed and organized your files and emails, determine what you want to keep. Review our file management tips on this guide for more information.

Library Resources

Will I have access to library resources once I graduate?

Once you graduate, you will lose access to many online library resources. This will likely happen sooner than when you lose access to your email address. The library has no control over the date you will lose access to library resources.

However, there are many content sources that will still be available to you once you graduate! The physical library itself is open to alumni, and we have many high-quality resources that are available openly to you. (You can still use Primo to find these items - just click "available online" and "open access" to find them!) You also have access to the library's many digital collections and exhibitions. For more information, visit our Alumni Resources guide.

What about RefWorks?

You will have access to RefWorks for a limited amount of time after you graduate. (Unfortunately the library does not have control over how long this access will remain.) Be sure to export your citations if you want to keep them for your next endeavors. We suggest importing them into a free citation management tool like Zotero.