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Music & the Holocaust

A course guide for finding and using sources for SRS:200-07: Music & the Holocaust

Music & the Holocaust

When starting your research, it's often helpful to search broadly to get background information and context on a topic before narrowing more specifically to your more focused research question. There are many excellent resources on the broad topic of Music and the Holocaust; the resources below are just a few of the many available in our collection and online. 

But don't stop here! Once you get a better sense of your research question, you'll want to narrow your search and focus on primary and secondary sources on your specific topic. A great resource for exploring a possible topic is Credo Reference, which allows you to explore sources and related topics of interest. 


Online Resources

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum includes invaluable resources on the Holocaust in general, as well as a robust collection of songs and resources related to the Holocaust, including camp songs and protest music.

Performing the Jewish Archive (2014-2018) was a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council working to explore hidden archives of Jewish music and theatre, uncover and perform lost works, and create an online archive of resources and research data for public dissemination and future researchers.

Music and the Holocaust provides a helpful reference of composers, songs, and primary/secondary resources to further your research.