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Rethinking Iran

The Book or Article I'm Looking for isn't Available at Union

Getting Started

Use Primo to search through almost everything the library owns. 

  • If you know the title of the book you are looking for, type the title in Primo. 
  • If you the topic you are looking for, use keywords. 

An Example of Keywords: Iran AND "green movement"

  • Keyword Tips: 
    • Use synonyms. For example, you might use "green wave" instead of "green movement."
    • Putting quotation marks around a phrase will tell Primo to keep those words together. For example: "green movement."
    • Using an * at the end of a word such as Iran* will bring back everything with that root (Iran's, Iran, Iranian, Iranians).

Look at the subjects for a book that is of interest to you. Follow the subject links to more resources on the topic.

Selected Titles