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Research Data Management Services


Metadata standards

Disciplinary Metadata Standards - from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Covers social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, Earth science, biology, and general research data. - a list of standards, databases, and policies around sharing research data. 

Describing Data - from University of Pittsburgh Library System. Describes metadata and provides useful tips and examples.

File management

Data Best Practices and Case Studies - from Stanford University Libraries' data center. Includes file naming, versioning, working with sensitive data, storage, and sharing.

The 3-2-1 rule - "make 3 copies, 2 stored on different media, one offsite" - it's a standard that libraries use frequently, and is useful for data management as well. The Digital Preservation Handbook provides an accessible way to better understand the importance of this rule.

Data management plans

DMPTool - this free tool allows you to build a data management plan using templates and funding agency guidelines. - a collaboration and research support platform, OSF allows data sharing, searching, and preprint services.

What to keep: a Jisc research data study. Neil Beagrie (Charles Beagrie Ltd), February 2019.

Identifiers (permalink, ISBN, etc.)

Need an identifier for your research? Email to obtain ISBNs, permalinks, and other permanent identifiers for your materials.