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Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Connecting to Primo

A screenshot of the Schaffer Library search box.

Click on the search box to go directly to Primo.

A screenshot of the Schaffer Library search box. This search box provides connections to library resources through Primo, databases, and journals.

What does Primo search?

Primo searches almost everything we have -- books, journal articles, conference proceedings, symposia, and more.

Access Primo from the library's website:


Search Limitations

As you learn how to navigate Primo, Google Scholar, arXiv, SciFInder, and more, you will see their limitations. This is powerful as it helps you construct searches with a careful eye for what results you're getting.

Tips and Tricks

Boolean Searching

AND, OR, NOT -- provides the ability to narrow, broaden, or restrict 

What results would these searches provide?

  • nanotechnology AND cancer
  • nanotechnology OR cancer
  • nanotechnology NOT cancer

Special characters

* = asterisk = wildcard searching. Provides stemming. 
Example: nanotech* will find nanotech as an abbreviation, nanotechnology and nanotechnologies

" = double quotes = phrase searching. Provides specificity and proximity.
Example: "nanotechnology and protective clothing" will find this exact phrase in the literature
Compare: "nanotechnology and protective clothing" with nanotechology and protective clothing

Challenge Question: Scientific American 2007

How do you find the 2007 special issue of Scientific American, "The Rise of Nanotech"? 

Answer: very carefully

  • Go to Journals search (see "Journals" tab for more)
  • Search: Scientific American
  • Look carefully at the search results

This search illustrates interesting aspects of scholarly communication:

  • Titles of journals can vary, and specific editions and issues can be published under similar or different names.
  • Titles of specific editions or issues can vary over time.
  • Librarians keep track of all of this.

Useful links: