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Getting Started with RefWorks: Getting Started

Refworks is a personal information manager that allows users to create their own online database of citations that can be organized and used when writing a paper or article.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Steps to create an account in the new version of RefWorks

  1. Go to and click the “sign up” link.
  2. Fill in your information making sure to use your Union College email address. Your password does not have to be associated with your Union account. Once you activate your account (you'll receive an email with a link to complete the registration process), you’ll get access immediately and can get started managing your documents.


You will need to remember your password to access your account

RefWorks Basic Features – Navigating the Toolbar

Once data has been entered into your account, logging in displays a page of references, either the All References view or a specific folder, such as the default – Last Imported.



The top navigation toolbar has: Add a Reference, Assign references to a folder, Share and Export, Create a Bibliography, Assign Tags, Tools, Help.  The Main Viewing Area is where references are displayed for users to edit, add, delete, manage, organize, etc.



Video Tutorial on Getting an account