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RefWorks: Tags

Refworks allows users to import bibliographic information and auto-generate citations and bibliographies.

Organizing by Tags

Tags are a further way to select and organize sources.

By clicking a reference's tag, you can select / display all the sources in your library that also have that tag.

Note: references only display their first three tags; the reference's additional tags are noted by the tag with the + symbol.

To add a tag to a reference:

  1. Select a source by clicking the box to its immediate left
  2. Click Add Tags
  3. Type into the search box to either search for an existing tag (if you want to add one that already exists) or create a new one by typing in the unique name
  4. Click Save

To search for sources with a certain tag:

  1. Click Tags in the left menu, which displays all of the tags that are used in your library
  2. Then, type in and select your tag of choice

Or click the tag of interest in a source to display all the sources with that tag.