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RefWorks: Sharing

Refworks allows users to import bibliographic information and auto-generate citations and bibliographies.

Sharing Folders

You can also share your folders of citations with collaborators--but those collaborators must have a RefWorks account to access them.

To share a folder of references with a collaborator(s):

  1. Click Sharing or Share
  2. Click Share a Folder 
  3. Choose an extant folder to share
  4. Set access privileges: do you want to enable anyone at Union with a RefWorks account to access your folder, or just specified person(s)?
  5. Choose your method of sharing: via a URL or via email 
    1. For email sharing, you can also specify access privileges: Read only, Can Annotate (can read and add comments and highlights to references), or Can Modify (add and remove references, add notes to references, and read and annotate attached supported PDF files.)