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RefWorks: Read & Annotate

Refworks allows users to import bibliographic information and auto-generate citations and bibliographies.

Read and Annotate PDFs

RefWorks enables you to read and annotate PDFs in your library. The annotation feature enables you to highlight text in the PDF and add marginal comments. 

To read a PDF in RefWorks (rather than via Adobe or Preview): 

  1. Click on a reference that has a PDF attached
  2. In the column on the right that opens, click Read

To annotate the PDF:

  1. Do the two steps above
  • To add a note to the document, click the Document Notes / "Paper" Icon in the upper right
  • To highlight portions of the text, click and drag through the text that you wish to highlight to select it, then click the A Icon in the Top Nav
    • You can change the highlight color by clicking the highlighted portion and selecting a different color from the options
    • You can delete the highlight by clicking the highlighted portion and selecting Delete Conversation
  • To add a comment, click and drag through the text that you wish to comment on, then click the Comment / Speech Bubble Icon in the Top Nav
    • You can edit / delete the comment by clicking the comment, then clicking the three dots to the right, and selecting Edit Comment / Delete Conversation

All annotations are automatically saved by RefWorks.