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3D Annotations & AR/VR with Sketchfab

This guide introduces Sketchfab as a way to publish, share, and annotate your 3D models.

Creating an Account

Sketchfab offers a number of plan options for individuals and businesses, including free Basic accounts for individuals, as well as educational discounts for students and instructors. Basic accounts allow users to experiment with some of Sketchfab's features before committing to a paid plan. To set up a basic account:

1. Go to and select "sign up" on the top menu bar. 


2. Enter your information and select "create account." You can also select "Continue with Google" to use your Union or other gmail account to log in. 


3. You know you are logged in when you see the blue profile account icon appear on the top menu bar.


You can always upgrade your account at a later point. If you need access to more features, including creating an app-free AR experience and more annotations, please reach out to Schaffer Library.