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3D Annotations & AR/VR with Sketchfab

This guide introduces Sketchfab as a way to publish, share, and annotate your 3D models.

Annotations Tab in 3D Settings

The Annotations Tab, located within the 3D Settings Menu, is represented by the pin-drop icon. It includes options to add annotations anywhere on your model. In addition to the description of your 3D model (which you can add/change through the Edit Properties page), annotations allow you to highlight specific features and provide additional context for your model.

Annotations will appear as numbers within the 3D viewer. Users can select the annotations individually in any order and select the annotations in numerical order using the "select annotation" bar along the bottom of the 3D viewer. When you embed a 3D model, you might also have the option to animate the annotations so they pop up in order after a specific amount of time (based on account status).

Don't forget, you must always "save settings" when making 3D Setting changes or you will lose your work.

Add an Annotation

Annotations are ordered numerically from 1 to the number of annotations you have. To add an annotation:

  1. Double click on your model where you want the annotation to appear.
  2. When an annotation box appears, add a Title and Description.
  3. Use Markdown to add formatting or images to your annotations. For example, if you want to include an image in your annotation, type the following markdown, including the URL of the image you want to use within the parentheses:

See Sketchfab's markdown documentation and options, including embedding images and videos, adding lists and links, and formatting for emphasis.

5. Select "ok" when done editing. You can edit again by selecting the pencil icon or preview how the finished annotation will look (with media and formating) by selecting the eye icon.

Edit, Reorder, and Delete Annotations

You can edit and delete annotations using the Annotation menu to the left. When you create new annotations, they appear as a list in the orderyou create them. Each annotation includes a header with its order number, camera icon, trash can icon, and Edit options, as well as a preview of the camera view seen when an annotation is selected (bottom left) and a preview of the annotation itself (bottom right).


To modify annotations you can: 

  • Change the order of annotations by selecting the header of the annotation you want to move and dragging it to the position you want it.
  • Change the view position of your 3D model when an annotation is selected by positioning the model in the viewer the way you want it and selecting the camera icon of the relevant annotation. When the camera icon is selected, the new position will be saved, and a preview of the view will appear in the annotation menu. Using different views for each annotation allows you to control movement and best showcase specific features relevant to each annotation.
  • Delete an annotation by selecting the trash can icon.
  • Edit an annotation by selecting the Edit link. This will reopen the annotation window within the viewer to allow you to change the title or description.

You can also move the position of the annotations around on the model. To do this, simply select the annotation number you want to move and drag it to the new location.