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3D Annotations & AR/VR with Sketchfab

This guide introduces Sketchfab as a way to publish, share, and annotate your 3D models.

Edit Properties: Enterprise

When you are added to our Enterprise account, you have more features and options for your model than through the Basic or even Individual Accounts: 


Make your model more discoverable by adding additional information:

  • Edit your model's Title. The default title will be the name of the file(s) you uploaded.
  • Add a Description of your model, including formatting and adding image URLs.
  • Select one or more Sketchfab Categories from a dropdown menu to make your model more discoverable through their browse or "explore' search.
  • Add your own Tags to make your model more discoverable through their keyword search.

Control who can view or download your model:

  • Enterprise uploads are organized by "Projects." There are no drafts for Enterprise accounts; rather unpublished models are accessible to anyone part of our account with access to that project. There is no limit for how long unpublished models remain in a project.
  • Select Who can See your model. You can select all members of the project to keep the model unpublished, anyone on to make the project public, anyone with the link to make the model private (not discoverable through Sketchfab's library), and anyone with the link & password to make the model password protected.


  • When you make your model public, you have additional options for who and how users can interact with your model. This includes allowing users to inspect your model's texture if you have one, placing age restrictions on more mature content, and selecting whether you want to allow users to download your model - either for free or through their store. If you select that users can download the model for free, you can select the creative commons license you apply to your model, which tells users how they can use your work. These options include: Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives, and Share Alike.

Allow App-Free AR experiences of Your Model

  • A new feature for Enterprise accounts is the option to Allow AR to create App-Free experiences for your model. Turn this setting on to allow this option. You will also need to make changes in the AR/VR tab of the 3D Settings menu to make sure this experience looks the way you want it to. Note that if you make any changes to 3D Setting after enabling the AR setting here, Sketchfab will need to reconvert your model's AR files. This conversion process can sometimes take a while. When this happens, you'll see that USDZ file will say "unavailable." When the conversion is ready, it will revert to "converted."

Change or Publish your Model

  • Preview your 3D model by selecting the viewer window.
  • Access Edit 3D Settings, which is described in the Edit 3D Settings section of this guide.
  • Re-Upload a different model to replace this one.
  • Duplicate your model.
  • Save changes to your property settings.
  • Publish your model based on the specifications you made in this menu.
  • Delete Model if you no longer want to share this upload.